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The Meals family welcomes you to the Scalles Restaurant situated along the very busy Route 74, at the intersection of Old York Road and East High Street- the east end of Carlisle. This building is one of the few historic buildings remaining on Route 74 and has an interesting history.

The building was constructed between 1867-1870 by Carl W. Ahl, who was a partner in the Carlisle Iron Works, the Big Pond Furnace and the Katherine Furnace, all situated in Boiling Springs, PA. C.W. Ahl was also president of the Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad, and used the building/warehouse to store finished product from the Boiling Springs furnaces (conveniently located alongside the South Mountain Railroad- a subsidiary of the Harrisburg and Potomac Railroad).

This “warehouse” was sold to Ira Grover in the late 1880’s, and became a storage building for grain. Then in 1946, the property was purchased by J. P. Bixler & Sons, Inc. and used for storage until September, 1975 when it was renovated and converted into a retail store for wood stoves.

In September, 1983, the Meals family purchased the “warehouse” property and since then, various businesses such as a sportswear store, teenage nightclub, and office supplies have operated from this location. Now, we are proud to relocate the Scalles Restaurant from the Harrisburg Pike to 2 York Road and offer to our customers to share in the nostalgia. We hope to retain some of the unique beauty as it was 125 years ago. Note the rough beams throughout the restaurant, the wide windowsills and open ceiling- all of which lends itself to the feeling of “the way it was”. The old map used for the table tops was incorporated into the overall decor as a focal point for the restaurant, and shows the building’s location on York Road.

The Scalles Restaurant continues to offer a varied menu, as well as a food and beverage take-out service. The staff of the restaurant is ready to serve you in the most efficient manner possible, and extends a hearty welcome to all.

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